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10 ways you'll know this is the right home for you

1. You have to go see the house as soon as we find it!

2. You are driving by it before and after seeing it several times a day

3. You call or text your friends and family and tell them all about the house

4. You start talking and acting like you already own the home

5. You start imagining yourself cooking a meal in the kitchen and arranging your furniture in the various rooms

6. You knock on the neighbors door to meet them to see if you will get along with them

7. You don't want to look at any other homes

8. You start thinking about what will be the best day to move

9. You think about future holidays and birthday celebrations in the new home

10. You want to stay in the new home instead of going home to the home you really own

Okay, you might not have a coffee date set up, but if you’ve knocked on the neighbor’s door to meet them and ask them how they like the neighborhood, you are ready to commit to this house.

7. You are trying to figure out how to arrange your sectional in the family room

You’ve already passed off the kitchen and living room with flying colors and are just trying to figure out if your new sectional will fit in the basement, you can call your agent.

8. You want to stop looking at other homes

If you can’t imagine another home being any better than this, you might be right. Most clients look at between 12-20 homes. If you’re on house number 1, I might keep looking just to ease your mind, but if you’ve seen a few and this house answers all your needs, take a deep breath, and start imaging your table in the kitchen.

9. You can’t wait to send out a Change of Address card with a picture

Pride in your new home is a good sign. If you’re buying a home that is move-in ready and you want your friends to come over on day one, have your agent write up the papers. If you are buying the home as an investment property, but can’t wait to write up the advertisement for lease, this one is a winner.

10. You would rather sleep in this empty house than go back to your current place

Sleeping on the floor is not something most of us want to do past age 8, so if you’d rather stay in this shell of your new home, you are ready to take the plunge.

Buying a new home should be exciting! Enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

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